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But without faith [it is] impossible to please [him]: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and [that] he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

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The war is over; the rich lost.

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The Fix Is Inn

  1. You have to start out believing in something. (With nothing else.)
  2. You have to ward off other's inclinations to misshape it.
  3. You have to arrive at the height of success in the rumble seat.
The Fix Is Inn

I hope you read it, no matter where you go. This great engineer could save our country, no matter how broken you think it is. He always knew how to start, and he always made his every step better.

The difference between a deal maker and a junk dealer is the latter's price of admission. Life's opposing forces, the elements, are the junk one turns to posts.

One of the biggest misconceptions in finance and business is that the Federal Reserve (or its Board of Governors) sets or controls interest rates in the larger economy. This belief is entirely false. Credit market makers, the owners of wealth, both set and control lending and borrowing rates within a very large band of limits ranging from less than nothing, to outright, overt usury. The Federal Reserve was set up as a policy instrument over federal banks, and to a very large extent, other banks, as well as the Treasury of the United States. In no sense whatsoever has this board, nor any branch of government, any right nor authority to name or control credit terms, beyond their making rudimentary suggestions which federal banks (owned by their shareholders and depositors) are inclined to observe and agree. America's bank regulatory authorities, under the control of congress, set and maintain the laws of commerce and their bounds, being advised by hundreds of years of practice in both criminal and civil procedure.

In the current moment, as interest rates flux, rate decisions are governed in the money markets by wealth holders, and this is for the safety and security of the assets, should the government itself grow irresponsible. The illegitimate teachers of public opinion will not likely choose to make this clear, for it is in their interest to develop myths concerning money, as they have for centuries, and wealth holders are pleased with this arrangement, too, for it keeps the prying eyes of the disenchanted at bay; fires political debate in the clouds of nothingness; and leads to the kind of misgivings and nonsense that world affairs have prospered under since notes have fold.

When an authority overspends its fiscal budget, it has to take any shortfalls to the markets; and that task falls to its monetary agent, as vendor of the money, through a mechanism of trade or offerings establishing a supply of money. Money amounts expand or contract as the debts or detractions are made or destroyed. Money value is largely by comparison with other currencies, financial systems, or assets traded in ready exchange. Part of money's attractiveness is its ability to earn, which its holders revere, and its users eschew. This is a gross simplification of a complex finance which leverages copious assurances and gimmicks to keep millions of people occupied, leaving no other choice than to trade things, or values, not normally at market. Labor; redemptive qualities; necessities; other detractions; all may be exchanged, or put off, in trade. Morals notwithstanding, the best of everything is that which people desire, and this especially holds true of money.

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There comes a time in public life when national institutions require more money than diligence demands, simply to indulge irresponsible behavior, or to gratify its urge. This excess spending is usually associated with the purchase of favoritism among society's components. It may also be attributable to rightful spending which is overly ambitious, given one's means. In either case the right remedy is not to provide the wanted funds so long as the penalty of higher interest is paid first. This method of false economy penalizes the segment of the system who lives and acts within its means. But, beyond that, bad money judgment destroys the quality of the money, leaving the entire monetary system at a loss. Though many lenders stand ready to make irresponsible loans, especially to sovereign entities which are considered to be irreplaceable, there is less temptation to do so when interest rates can be suppressed as a means of systemic protection. Eager lenders always exhaust their money supply before that time comes, as the quality of their balance sheets becomes their prime concern in a healthy system where a lower tier of lenders always fails, of necessity, and whose assets are then taken up by stronger institutions. Where universal bad practices prevail, a system's state sovereignty is thrown into jeopardy; and even war and widespread calamity can enter through a prolonged, or an instant, power struggle. High flying birds of prey surround the globe in search of weak financial systems they may topple at the slightest instigation, sweeping up their true wealth and then disappearing into a cloak of admiration and respect served by ever-worsening norms and standards. When the day comes their necks are exposed, the hawkish squawk should be unbearable.

I will make this brief. The next misconception is that market makers fear a market crash. This is not 1929. They leverage their losses completely and make ten times more money when they pull the plug as when they let you plug along. Virtually, there are no more little guys in markets. They have long since been cleaned out in the outlandish waves. What we have today are the investment funds of government players who have stolen from the public for sixty years and now own it all through consolidation. Anything left they haven't already captured can be absorbed at any time on a fake-out fall, every dollar of which goes straight into the pockets of the fakers, tax free. The world's losers will be told that things were too top heavy to keep afloat. But all these wizards do is to devise schemes, rakes, hiding places and more jabber pilather than a host of Washington machines can rinse out. When you see their lead bank say duck, you'd better bow your heads in prayer for there'll be nothing left in the morning.


Alas. If we brought back the junk dealer, listed above, and let him operate for three or four decades, unfettered, he could deconstruct the entire madness and level things out, bringing back our white gloves and grandiose style more virtuous than in the beginning, should we be able to round up his price of admission.

London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down.


Survival is a matter of conquest.

John Lennon - Magical

Ideals of every sort are a moving target.

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The Rare Truth On The Spot

The U S dollar is the new gold. Money economists have their gears in reverse. Not only is there no reset, the dollar is destined to rise to the pinnacle of planetary acceptance--smashing its historical values--and yielding half again its face above par. This marvel of leveraged wealth has no rival across seven continents! Its energy and prowess rank it in a universe its own. The USD has taken gold from the registers and pinning its very limited supply to the accounts of the world's most-visionary financial elite. Its success is the packaged news this simply can't be done!


No one has lived long enough to be wise, nor entered ignorance late enough to warp out of it.

Man's proportion does not fit well his supply, and no naturally developed phenomenon introduces into itself such holistic inelegance just to prove that it can. The universe has been contrived with no other purpose than to emit escape in a system of ever-thickening confinement.



He borrowed his way to lasting prosperity,
but could never pay the piper back.

New Day


American Nation And World Struggling

The U S Government reports that the COVID-19 death tolls could be lower than models project. As of 31 March, the USA is on target for 38,500 fatalities by year-end 2020.


From the eyes of a man lost in the politics of his day:

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.


The cost of the current outbreak will be one-half billion dollars per victim before the bell tolls.

leak out

The lockstep of lies has broken. Only the shattered promises stand in its place. False hope has been shapen into reality.

Gold will move to less than $400 per ounce; silver $12.50.

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What knowledge is there authentic? We find out more and more every day.

The more efficacious a horrible thing becomes, the easier it is foisted.

too stupid to exist

The sinner in chief asked his lieutenant to pardon him six months ago; his answer: you made your bed of roses, now sleep in it. Don't ask me to tend the weeds after all the fruit has already died on the vine.

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