The Mind Under Control

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The Mind Under Control

Human success is an in-depth reflection
of the use of capital in terms of time well spent.

The Mind Under Control
The Mind Under Control

Walter J Burien Jr Uncloaks Global Economy

Upon conversion, Russian capitalism failed because Russian Communists did not realize that, under true capitalism, the government secretly owns everything. It keeps two sets of books. Everything is a reflection. Communists had no idea that interpersonal tax is an hoax that finances nothing--but keeps a population in check. They were to discover that it takes a decade to establish state wealth, under the table, and a further ten years to garner.

We have enough money to coast for the next hundred years without anyone's lifting a finger! But cash is a turnstile with no destination; and diligence—the open door to unlimited satisfaction—lies far beyond any price.   –Hooker in Hollywood at Vine

Maria Callas
Maria Callas with Elvira de Hidalgo

If you are in any way exposed to the art of deception presented by Western Capitalism--through its news, entertainment, edification and social doctrines--you will not grasp the orbit of a mind control upon which your lives are fashioned. You have been masterfully entertained, in the sharpest complexity of untruth ever constructed, in a vacuum of introspection lacking empowerment, cradled by justice in sanctity, shed by the light from above.

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It is impossible for capitalism to operate with any kind of a clear picture.

The Mind Under Control