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My friends, numbers aren't real, except as a Book Of The Bible. You won't be discussing them In Heaven, with anybody! The Creator of the universe concocted these symbols after the Fall of Man erased man's higher understandings, as it were a curse of time and effort.

That same Creator has no use of such buried, primate barriers to our true and ever-reaching grasp of all things by their virtual handles, spatially! Eternally! World Without End, Amen!

In the above exposition, we fall back to the little word "true," as our saving evidence! Well then, What Is Truth? I will define it, as best we can, from this, our Fallen Perspective:

Truth is the unique property of God.

The preceding sentence both ends and begins with "Truth." As He Owns It; as we are surrounded by it—In Heaven. But it's His Property, and His Dwelling Place; and though the Earth was at once created "Good," as it was, we are Fallen From It.

As well, unique can be taken as, "One Of A Kind." As it IS, "I AM THAT I AM." For He IS—As He IS!

In this connexion, The Savior of this world taught us to pray,

"... thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."

Should that ever take place, as this prayer being answered, then and only then we "Know The Truth." For we will be surrounded by it, and it will, "Make Us Free!" Amen.

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