At The Beginning
Monde Wonde

Your welfare ain't on the rich man's mind.


A human population is inching up at 10,000 times its anticipated rate, with no cork to be found in the bottle.

Electronic interconnection was an entirely unanticipated management dynamic available for the direction of human behavior and reward tailor fit for the hands of management--one which could be sought after and demanded by the bulk of its submissive lions hereinafter on display. With the reduction of visible accountability being focused upon doctrinal decoys whose job it is to present a fabric of normalcy into a safe set of permissions, licenses and grants whereof modern society has achieved a sainthood of missionary touch in a jungle of wild beasts cracking the whip for outbursts of money, fame and power only dreamt of through the ages preceding it with no attachments all together.

There is no leader of the free world.

And yet I can take any person of inauspicious nature, lacking self-confidence or any special desire or pre-qualification, and in fifteen minutes put her out on her own, with no additional training or help, and proceed to sign up hundreds of millions of devoted supporters who will stand with her through thick and thin and supply her works with unlimited physical and esoteric supports and be happy to do so for decades on end—if I can only catch her young enough to last out the life's journey ahead. Every person on this planet worth having around seeks nothing more; and they have been frustrated and forestalled gratification every day of their lives beyond junior primary—where they naturally grabbed their favorite for such honors, even against her will. The free world does not go head on into freedom, and this is the sole reason they lack any.

There is no question that this person, once found, will be Jewish. I know this from long experience. Any other "type" of applicant does not know how to follow a single damned instruction! And that is a fact of life that carries with it any number of additional reality checks. But little wonder.