End Of America
End Of America
End Of America

Notional Winning

This message to the American people is too complicated. Too extended! You won't overcome, but go further behind with this monotonous carping, lacking of focus, laid atop no actionable choice.

The manufacturer of the deadly trial injection sent a letter to the White House stating:

The manufacturer planned, styled, and launched this devastation of life on earth in its unwavering loyalty to nature—a science of godlessness. It admitted beforehand as a means of criminal defence.

Walter J Burien Jr Uncloaks Manufacturer

There is no multiplicity of drug- and pharmaceutical companies, insurance carriers, nor health-care providers; there is one, and only one; and it is called The United States of America—a foreign corporation answering to global interests centered in Brussels. And now you know, as no one can ever deny it.

So stunned and disoriented is the duped gaggle of idiotic victims, it spends its time agitated over the personality of a fake president, one over another, when elections were planned from the beginning as a means of preserving wealth and control into the hands of the more-capable individuals.

The conscious manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses (noun and verb) is its final purpose. This powerful phenomenon is revealed to be the essence of democracy. Americans are mind-warped into believing that democracy is something more innocent, when it is not. Democracy is the worst (most calculating) of all mental illness. It does not take to account the sickness of its source by way of a clouded self-defeat.

When a project is divided into opposing forces, no longer is the clarity of relative good maintained. Only the defeat of the enemy remains purposeful. The quality of the game is transcendental, as no one can be seen out of uniform, but the traitors.

Rebel Mad Man Radio

After being told a thousand times what's wrong, America is travelling as speeding train—farther and farther from the station—its faint whistles no longer to be heard across the countryside of its proud and crying heritage.

When people fall down, they do not get up. They cling to deceit; they refuse to return. The wise will be put to shame; they will be dismayed and trapped. —Jeremiah, Chapter 8.

End Of America

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