Great Charter
Great Charter

Not-So-Great A Charter

In the United States, we have enough money minted (as numbers shown on screens) to float for the next hundred years without anyone's lifting finger. When people are told 500 times what's wrong, it's time to start over.


John Tyler
Tenth President of the United States of America

A man who understood "a champion of the people" in the absence of a king. He consistently stood against the imperial financial interests of his time, winning himself no friends, but a monumental posterity, yet to be realized.

Walter J Burien Jr Uncloaks Global Economy

I submit to you, the title to land in the possession of its tenant is the essential and irreplaceable construct, mentally and physically, along with its wealth, to the subordinate luxury of liberty, and the tightness of its grasp by the fingers and thumbs of the hands of time. Just as man is buried in the earth, he commonly draws his life from it. Apart from that, he looks to the favor of the lord in question.

Great Charter