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War College

Controlling The Media - 21 May 2005
The Laura Flanders Show

Take it from Noam Chomsky and others. [1a]

There is no coming train wreck, nor any unified few in control.
All is held together by armies with guns on the bankers.
Al Haig was a general with a sense of the trigger,
but it took 9/11 crooks awhile to pull it.

Human-Centric Disablement

Mass Formation

If the Mongols of North Georgia send us any further deliberative miracles, there'll be no opposition to such demented thinking.

The Only Mission Of A Label Is Its Bank Statement

It is the goal of the pop song author to hypnotize the audience through his cadence and clause to give up all of their preconceived beliefs and go get the record. The chart works have nothing to do with talent and poise, and everything to do with a mind-bending of the clucks with the money. Vitally, the designation of fan before them is fatal... maga-ditto-rush.

There Is No Such Thing As Civilized Society—Held In Check By The Restrains Of Good Will. This Notion Makes About As Much Sense As Law Courts Paid For By The Resistance. [1]


When you have a population too stupid to realize that when you have a casting or counting of ballots by way of anything to do with a computer, the results of which are not final at the closing bell, you may as well have Joe Stalin sitting on the throne of that Idiot Land. People simply didn't realize how good they had it with a king whom they could slay when things didn't go so well. The best virtue is the two-edged sword. An absentee ballot is like sending a substitute to the hospital to undergo your operation. And now I'll tell you who's entitled to vote in the United States of America. Nobody. The damned place went bankrupt in 1933 [2]; and because of the aforesaid disablement form, none of the dolts affected retained any thought to read it. [3]

O say can you see, by the dawn's early light, Britney Spears singing, Oops!... I Did It Again [4].

[1] — This happened worldwide in the 17th Century. See the Judicature Acts of The 1870's. This culminated in the abominable creation of The United States Department of Justice, 1870.

[2] — 09 March 1933. True in every measure. A degenerate corporate fiction was thence stood up to take its place, and those administrative agencies run the place to this very day. They are the actual culprits Professor talks about in his many disclosures of inept bureaucrats running the world, as if it were a fate better than barbaric man might have imposed. Today it seems our hallowed thinkers have learned, amongst themselves, these thieving hoards are a curse they are given to reckon.

[3] — The undignified pretenders stand up every day to take an oath against a constitution their forefathers disposed with before they were ever born.

[4] — Marked off on all the forward calendar pages, as certain as the date itself.

I will do anything that you want me to do, say anything that you want me to say, if you let me have just another day! — Otis Ray Redding

Random Pains

After Notes:

[1a] We can play this clip one-thousand times to the same audience, and have that audience read and write it, and it will never hear what this man is saying. Their mental facilities are turned against it before they can get started. This demonstrates the mental disablement of crowd control by which real and working propaganda and its homeland thrust is focused. Note this particularly:

The conscious manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses (noun and verb) is its final purpose. This powerful phenomenon is revealed to be the essence of democracy. Americans are mind-warped into believing that democracy is something more innocent, when it is not. Democracy is the worst (most calculating) of all mental illness. It does not take into account the sickness of its source.


Those caught up in identity politics are not following anything; they are object of their own self-destruction.